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Business Law Consultation

Business law consultation is an important area of legal services provided. Laws in numerous categories affect businesses, and their owners and officers, exposing them to unnecessary expenses and great liabilities. While conducting business, people will often utilize accountants, but avoid lawyers. "I don't need a lawyer, I'm not being sued" are famous last words of business owners who choose not to seek advice of legal counsel in the preparation, formation, and operation of a business, until it is too late.

Legal counsel for your business should be utilized in order to avoid conflict and litigation, not just when conflict or litigation occurs. Hiring an attorney after being sued often amounts to nothing more than unnecessarily expensive damage control from mistakes that could have been easily avoided by less expensive legal consultation at an earlier date.

We utilize a monthly retainer plan for businesses represented that can be paid online here. The retainer allows businesses to budget legal counsel, utilize counsel regularly in conducting business and making decisions, and for minimizing present or potential liabilities. Furthermore, businesses on retainer are "preferred clients." Not only do they receive priority representation, but they do so at a reduced hourly rate, even beyond the monthly retainer hours, in the event a large matter arises or a lawsuit is filed.

Business consultation is here for you, not just to protect your business and employees from inevitable liabilities, but to also provide you with guidance in making your business more successful and profitable. The lawyers here are networked with numerous businesses. Many profitable solutions of which you may be unaware can be provided to your business which could easily offset the cost of monthly retainer representation.

For example, we are actively involved with website development and hosting companies in creating and maintaining business websites on the Internet, in conjunction with providing website and computer-related legal counsel. Businesses are allowed to utilize their monthly retainer for website development and maintenance, as well as for consultation services, all as a part of their business retainer.

If your business does not have an Internet presence for goods and services, as well as afford customers the ability to make payments online, your business is failing to utilize an invaluable source for success. Whether its actual business legal counsel, business consultation, business networking, or utilizing Internet and computer capabilities, we can help your business remain or become successful.


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